Everyone's favorite Jason Voorhees clone, Rick, returns to West Mansion to once again save his girlfriend in this Genesis-exclusive sequel to the cult arcade hit Splatterhouse. This edition doesn't change the formula very much. Basically, you'll be moving left to right, using your fists and feet (along with the occasional weapons like pipes and shotguns) to take on an army of undead baddies in order to rescue your little lady.

However, unlike the neutered TurboGrafx translation of the arcade original, Splatterhouse 2 doesn't pull any punches in the gore department, which has resulted in this being the first Virtual Console release to be given a M ("mature") rating. Oooh, scary!

Unfortunately, the designers seem to have confused claret with equalling excitement, and the core gameplay suffers a bit. It's hard to put your finger on anything particular, but Splatterhouse 2 is just missing some of that certain ghoulish charm of the original which has made it a fan favorite to this day. Overall, though, this is certainly one of the most unique action games on the VC. There haven't been too many games before or since where you can take a chainsaw to some grotesquely mutated fetuses.

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