The final entry in Epyx's popular Games series brings players to the sunny west coast, where you'll be participating in a series of events to determine who is the king of the beach.

The events include skateboarding, roller skating, surfing, frisbee, BMX, and every stoner's favorite, hacky sack. All of the events have smooth controls and are easy to get the hang of, but a couple of them (such as BMX) have a fairly high difficulty, where one bad trick attempt will end your run immediately.

Graphically, the game looks nice, with good animation for the competitors, along with some early use of tricks like parallax scrolling. The soundtrack, compromised mostly of funky electronic versions of classic songs like "Wipeout" makes for a solid accompaniment to the action.

If you're just playing California Games on your own, you very well may become bored after making a few runs on the events. But, like many games of this genre, it becomes much more fun if you have at least one other person to play with - and it's on that basis that this game warrants a recommendation for fans of old-school sports games.

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