One of the more unique beat-em-ups produced during the genre's heyday, Golden Axe throws a swords and sandals twist on to the usual festivities that make this a worthy purchase for fans of mindless video game violence, especially stuff that involves beating up dwarves in order to get power-ups.

Regular readers of this site might already know that Golden Axe is one of my favorite games of all time, so the real question here is if the arcade version is worth the Wii points, especially with the Genesis edition already being available for 100 points less.

Even though the Genesis conversion's graphics and sound are downtuned from the arcade, it would still have to get the nod as the superior version. With the addition of two more levels in the main game, as well as a new "duel" mode, the Genesis version simply brings more gameplay for the buck.

That's not to say that downloading the arcade version would be throwing away your Wii points. This is a spot-on 100% accurate way to play the original arcade game, and with the ability to customize things like the difficulty and number of lives you start with, it's still a great way to experience classic Golden Axe action.

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