Widely regarded as having the best soundtrack ever produced on the Commodore 64, The Last Ninja 2 varies up the formula put forth by the original game by having our hero skulking around New York City. Crooked cops, street punks, and jugglers all over NYC had better run for cover now before they feel the cold steel of nunchakus upside their heads.

In some ways, The Last Ninja 2 makes some positive steps forward from the first installment. The NYC setting and improved graphics/sound go a long way to adding more variety. As for the actual gameplay, there's more of an emphasis on combat, rather than puzzles, which makes matters more exciting.

However, The Last Ninja 2 still retains the somewhat clunky controls of its' predecessor, and until you get a hang of things, you'd better get used to taking a lot of cheap deaths due to the fact that you're seemingly stuck with your sword sheathed and your ass facing the enemies. And, yes, apparently you're still playing as the only ninja ever who is allergic to a couple of drops of water. Overall, though, despite its' problems, Last Ninja 2 is still a unique and fun take on the action genre that will most appeal to the hardcore old-school gamers out there that relish a challenge.

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