Lock up your wives and daughters, because the badass ex-wrestler Mike Haggar has returned to the grimy streets of Metro City with Final Fight 3. Like the previous games, your task is simple: get rid of the gangs controlling the metropolis. And if you have to bust a few skulls in the process, well, we'll just chalk that up to "collateral damage".

After picking one of four characters, it's time for the carnage to begin. Like many brawlers, you can also have a buddy play alongside you, which definitely helps even the odds. Interestingly, you can have the computer take over the second player, and the AI isn't half-bad, as long as you turn "friendly fire" off.

Final Fight 3 sports a couple of innovations in the core gameplay. The first is the ability to dash and do running attacks, which becomes invaluable in fending off groups of hooligans. Each character also has new "super" moves that are unleashed via Street Fighter II-style button and d-pad combinations. These might sound like small tweaks, but they really do add depth to the game, and make it feel more of a true sequel to the classic original versus the somewhat tepid second installment.

There's really not much more to say here. If you're a fan of brawlers, Final Fight 3, with its' great graphics and action, is about as good as it gets in the genre and is well worth your 800 points.

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