An update to the classic Kung Fu Master (aka Kung Fu on the NES), Vigilante was a smash hit in the arcade, which of course, meant it was ported to a variety of systems, including the Turbografx. Playing it now, one question pops up: "Why?"

At first glance, Vigilante certainly seems to be superior to Kung Fu Master, with large sprites and a variety of nicely detailed backgrounds that take you all across New York City.

Gameplay-wise, Vigilante looks to have the same manic ass-whipping that was the trademark of Kung Fu Master. Along with the added ability to use nunchakus to clean house, Vigilante should be a better game, right? Right?

The answer is an emphatic "no". The meat of the game is still fairly fun, even if things are incredibly easy and repetitive. But the boss battles are truly awful. They're slow, boring, and worst of all, either ridiculously easy (if you have the nunchakus) or maddeningly cheap (if you don't have them).

Vigilante is one of the worst VC releases so far by a mile. It boggles the mind why Nintendo decided to release this pile of tosh and not the far superior Kung Fu instead.

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